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If you can afford a little more I would go with the 30" prospector. Your throat is 5" s wider which helps with controlling the water speed ( might be too fast channeling it down the narrower sniper throat).

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2012-03-18· I was bored these last couple days due to the rain and my prospector hasent come in yet after 2 weeks. So I made this contraption. It actually would cost someone more like $35, I had a lot of the ...

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I carry the pan, but what I like to do is use the pan as a measuring tool (six pans is a proper sample: if you don't get a good collection of gold in six, move on), and the Bazooka Gold Trap as the actual field sample processor: my favorite for this type of light and covert of prospecting, which was the original definition of "sniping ...

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lofreco: mine cleans out just fine, it likes FAST water, self cleans and traps even the fine flour gold (flood gold). His son: Thanks for the video!

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Underwater Gold Sniping - Down stream with better Gold: This guy has the right idea - Thanks to Arney here in California. the ol' dredges are packed away but snipping will suffice

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Very cool Sluice Box Matting. For the do it youself'er this matting will trap all sizes of placer Gold from nuggets to fine flour.

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This is an easy and inexpensive way to make the Bazooka Gold Trap series of sluices more efficient at catching fine gold.I have used this method in several of my Prospecting With Astrobouncer series of videos. Basically you are just classifying the material smaller. Smaller material in the trap means several things: 1.) Smaller material is ...

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chumleefurtubes 4 years ago +2. You get a pan because you want to find gold. You get a sluice so you can move more dirt than panning. You get a highbanker so you can move more dirt than a sluice.

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2013-09-27· I am in the infant stages of making my drop trap sluice that will model the Bazooka gold trap. My design is going to be in the middle of a prospector and miner size (super prospector).

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2011-02-01· - Looking for Gold - Episode 6 - Bazooka Gold Trap Sluice - Part 1 I might build a small one similar to the one in the video for roadside testing. It doesn't seem require a lot of water a should be easy to set up on a recirculating system with a bilge pump.

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This is the Bazooka Gold Trap Plans Free Download Woodworking Plans and Projects category of information. The lnternet's original and largest free woodworking plans and projects video links.

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In the Gould-Bazooka system however, the gold is allowed to settle to the bottom of the trap and be captured, and there are no riffles to disturb the process. The gold falls through the slots (Traps) into a storage compartment. The overburden is carried out through the internal tube to the Nugget Trap and discarded onto the tailing pile. The real key to making this design work, is the entire ...

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2017-03-15· Hello all, I have a Bazooka Gold Trap for sale in Leadville, CO. It is the 36 inch Prospector model with the regular size grizzly, but with the hard plastic so it's built like a tank!

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2014-06-11· Sorry I missed your email. I have been in ND. working in the oilfield and don't see the home computer. You have a standard production 4-5" Bazooka dredge.

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I use the mini and the mid size Bazooka and they both catch the fines real good, better than my standard Keene sluices. I also added legs to the larger unit so I …

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2013-03-15· My Diy Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice – Page 5 – TreasureNet. Here is Howard Schmidt's patent for the sluice trap that the Bazooka gold trap sluice was designed from: …

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303 Prospecting: Flip it around and you can use it as a miller table I did with my grizzly gold trap and it worked just put a spray bar at the top right above the grizzly bars on the base run some slow water and bam you have a miller table.

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Grizzly Gold Trap Ending Production of Fluid Bed Sluices After one and a half years, due to increases in materials and the cost of fabrication molds, Grizzly Gold Trap is ending production of our sluices.

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2011-10-27· A few google searches and a little time watching videos led me to the Bazooka Gold Trap sluice concept. Basically the sluice has no riffles, but uses a lower section (trap) to hold on to the heavies. Intrigued, I built up a basic prototype to see if the idea worked before spending the money on unknown technology.

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Croc Gold Trap 18' GATOR Fluid bed gold sluice box . CROC Gold Trap 18' GATOR Fluid bed gold sluice box Aussie Made - Bazooka style - AUD 299.00. 18' GATOR - GOLD TRAP SLUICECROC GOLD TRAPSOur 18' Gator Gold Trap Sluice is the most compact of the range.

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I have two models of the Bazooka gold trap sluice and they work quite well. I have done several videos on them that you can find at HurtHawk.com or Youtube

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I found a sluice that seemed like it would capture all the gold without classifying! The manufacturer's website is: At $200, it's on the high side of what a sluice should cost. So that made me set out to build a cheap version of it just to prove the technology w...

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This is an easy and inexpensive way to make the Bazooka Gold Trap series of sluices more efficient at catching fine gold.I have used this method in several o…

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bazooka gold trap sluice box The Bazooka Gold Trap sluice review. Comparing Two Gold Sluices. Bazooka Gold Company. Clear Gold Trap Fluid Bed Sluice Bazooka Like Sluice - diy home made build.

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bazooka gold trap sluice box homemade dredge 1. gold mining a small creek bed... Sluice Box, Making A Homemade Sluice. Back to yesterday's spot.wmv. classifier sluice box no more shaking buckets super fast.

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The sluice I was trying out was the Grizzly Gold Trap (Explorer model). It's basically an improved version of the bazooka sniper. We had both a sniper + grizzly side by side and it was clear that this was an improvement over the original.