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CEMENT PRODUCTION & COOLING What is cement? Cement is the combination of calcium carbonate, silica, alumina and ferrous oxide, which are naturally found in limestone rock, chalk, shale and/or clay. During the cement production process, these minerals are fused together by heating them to just under their melting point, forming a cement clinker between 3 to 20 mm in diameter. Pure …

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Clinker Cooling Technology. With over 800 Claudius Peters Clinker Coolers commissioned around the world, you could say that our reputation speaks for itself.

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Industrial Clinker Cooler is extensively used to cool the clinker and extracted heat from hot clinker is supplied at secondary and tertiary air to kiln.

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Clinker Cooler - Gas Cooling - lechler.in. Clinker cooler Application Following capacity increases, cooling with air alone is often no longer sufficient to achieve the proper operating conditions of the downstream filter.

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Clinker cooler with Coanda Wing® technology More than 35 years of building clinker coolers and over 600 installations worldwide prove that the IKN cooler is at the forefront of technology.


CLINKER COOLING. C hanges in the structure and the focus of cement producers inevitably lead to changing requirements on the cooler suppliers. If the focus yesterday was on new plants or on big plants, tomorrow s demand may easily be the modernisation or the extension of existing production lines. In that case brown eld instead of green eld is required. Thus time inevitably becomes a crucial ...

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The cost of a cooler conversion is estimated to be between US $.044 and $5.5/annual tonne clinker capacity, depending on the degree of reconstruction needed. Annual operation costs of the cooler can increase by US $0.11/t clinker. Estimated payback period: 1-2 years (LBNL, 2008).

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Cooler Control Functions of a grate cooler are: Clinker cooling Recuperation of heat for use within the kiln system Clinker transport away from the kiln system Efficient cooler operation is characterized by: Maximum heat recuperation Optimum cooling airflow Unrestricted ...

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Clinker cooler - Vekamaf industry experts. Clinker cooler Competitive clinker production and cooling is essential to cement producers over the world Now there is a next generation clinker cooling system that will give producers an edge over the competition

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Clinker cooler dedusting - Scheuch . Clinker cooler dedusting Outstanding operational safety during clinker cooler dedusting Because of the temperature peaks of 500 °C and higher that occur in upset mode, in most cases Scheuch installs an air/air heat exchanger upstream of the bag filter for gas cooling purposes.


The hot clinker discharged from the kiln at a temperature of about 1300 C is further treated in clinker cooler. The cooling of clinker influences its structure, main composition, grindability and consequently, the quality of the resulting cement.

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Because of the temperature peaks of 500 °C and higher that occur in upset mode, in most cases Scheuch installs an air/air heat exchanger upstream of the bag filter for gas cooling purposes.

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The clinker discharged from the rotary kiln enters the rotary cooler and is rapidly quenched with water from 1,400°C to 600°C. The clinker subsequently passes through the roll crusher, which produces grain sizes < 50 mm. Finish cooling from 600°C to the ultimate temperature of approx. 100°C is performed on the vibrating grate with air. Air cooling was deliberately chosen for this final ...

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The purpose of a Clinker Cooler is to cool the clinker. From an engineering viewpoint, cooling is necessary to prevent damage to clinker handling equipment such as conveyors.From both a process and chemical viewpoint, it is beneficial to minimise clinker temperature as it enters the clinker mill.

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Chapter 3. 8 477 Clinker Coolers by Hans E. Steuch* In cement manufacturing, formation of clinker nodules occurs at the entrance to the hottest part of the kiln with a …

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Excellence. KHD is a customer-focused engineering, equipment supplier, and service company, providing a full-line of competitive and environmentally friendly technologies to the cement industry.

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When cooler vendors bring a modified grate cooler onto the market, they like to present it as a new cooler generation. Customers generally see a new cooler generation in connection with fundamental improvements in process technological and mechanical upgrades.

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Cement kilns are used for the pyroprocessing stage of manufacture of Portland and other types of hydraulic cement, in which calcium carbonate reacts with silica-bearing minerals to form a mixture of calcium silicates.

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Gas cooling in or after the clinker cooler to optimize, protect and improve the efficiency of the downstream plant components. Clinker cooler. Ball mill and roller mill. In the roller mill the injection of water stabilizes the grinding bed and optimizes the grinding process; in the ball mill injected water lowers the temperature in the mill. Ball mill and roller mill. Spray dryers. Spray ...

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Cooling is an important step in the cement production process. Learn how cement is cooled using cost- and energy-efficient new technology. Learn how cement is cooled using cost- …

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transporting principle and strict separation of transportation and aeration functions, together with. ideal transverse distribution of the clinker, with the effect of uniform, efficient cooling of all grain size fractions over the entire width of the cooler

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The injection takes place at the rear part of the clinker cooler, immediately upstream of the gas outlet. Depending on the space above the clinker cooler, the nozzles …

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It is using Nile water at different processes such as cooling clinker in the rotary cooler and at grinding cement through a ball mill. The plant has industrial water treatment unit which is a sand filter.

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